Svetlana Lilova

l (2)cell: 416 997 3733


Svetlana received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Toronto. She has been practicing since 2004 and has experience with clients from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, both at educational institutions and in the community. She has worked with individuals dealing with a vast array of concerns and personal difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, marital distress, addictions, anger, self-esteem, trauma, life transitions, loss, grief, stress management, eating disorders, pain and psychosomatic symptoms, work and money issues, career direction, LGBTQ issues, just feeling stuck, lost, frightened, or shut down, moving to action or getting things done, emotional intelligence, creativity, and presence.

Svetlana is committed to providing effective and holistic therapy that mobilizes people toward positive change on every level – emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. Psychotherapy involves a profound human encounter in which a person can begin to resolve painful struggles and move toward a more vital and compelling life. Svetlana uses an experiential, predominantly Emotion-Focused approach, always within the clients’ agenda, by helping clients experience rather than just talk about their concerns. She strives to create a space of safety, listening, and respect, so that you can fully explore and confront your toughest concerns and difficulties, discover the possible, and invest in yourself with confidence.

Svetlana has also worked with couples addressing unhealthy relationship patterns and fostering greater communication, trust, intimacy and understanding. Her portfolio further includes presentations, workshops, and seminars on various topics, such as emotional intelligence, personal development and psychotherapy, stress management, and procrastination.
Services currently provided:

Individual psychotherapy – Adults and Adolescents
Couples Therapy
Tailored Assessments on Psychological Functioning


Individual sessions are $100 with a sliding scale option. There is also the option to purchase a package of sessions at a reduced rate once therapy has begun. Clients are welcome to discuss their financial concerns.
Couples sessions are $150, with a sliding scale option.

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