Selim Alaluf, RMT

selimRMTSelim is a graduate of Kikkawa College (Toronto, ON) and attained his RMT certification by the CMTO in the fall of 2009.  In addition to the primary curriculum of the massage therapy program at Kikkawa, he completed courses in Myofascial Alignment, Thai Massage, and Suikodo Neuromeridian Stimulation developed by the late Sensei Mitsuki Kikkawa .
In the summer of 2011, he was certified as a Zen Shiatsu practitioner after completing a 500 hour Zen Shiatsu Practitioner Training Program under the private tutelage of Sensei Adarsa Chakra.  Zen Shiatsu is rooted in ancient Taoist healing modalities, similar to Tui Na and Acupuncture, it uses the same meridian system and general theory for practice.   A traditional treatment is approximately 90 minutes long, however in shorter, more specific treatments, Selim uses Zen Shiatsu techniques combined with others to help achieve client specific goals.

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