Esther Cheng

20160812_230611Esther Cheng, registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Manual Osteopathy practitioner in Ontario. Esther has years of combined
experiences in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including studying privately
from Chinese doctors as well as graduating from the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides practicing in TCM and acupuncturist, she has a passion for healthy cooking based on TCM concepts. Having grown up in the southern province of China, Hong Kong, where people excel in making delicious meals and especially in making good healthy soup. In alignment with TCM preventative medicine, Esther has been practicing her talent in making good meals and soups to help patients maintain good health long term through healthy recipes. Esther uses combined Acupuncture, Chinese Massage, Manual Osteopath techniques, Qi Gong exercises, and diet advice to treat patients with a focus on weight loss, pain relief and gynaecology.