Jennifer Gillmor

Jennifer Gillmor

Hours: Tuesdays 3-9:30pm

90-minute session (Thai Yoga Massage and Holistic Massage): $100
2-hour session (Thai Yoga Massage): $120
(all first-time Thai and Holistic Massage clients enjoy a 25% discount off this price)

1-hour session (Foot Massage-Reflexology): $50

Certified & licensed holistic table massage and senior Thai massage practitioner, soundwork practitioner and certified yoga instructor.


• Reiki Level 2, with Dany Lyne, Toronto, ON, August 2012
• Levels III & IV at Thai Massage Toronto, 2012
• Certified Yoga Teacher, YogaSpace, Toronto, ON, 2011
• Certified in Thai Yoga Massage by Thai Massage Toronto, ON, 2010.
• Soundwork Practitioner, trained by Gary Diggins, Toronto Soundsource, 2009.
• Holistic Health Practitioner certified in Massage by Fiona Walker, founder and senior instructor,
The Art of Conscious Touch, Denman Island, BC, 2008.
• Reiki Level 1, trained by Kathleen Mackay, 2003 with additional training by Dany Lyne in 2011.

Member of Preventative Health Services Group.
Licensed by the City of Toronto, Ontario.
 License No. T30-4176892.



I have had massages for many years and this was truly the best massage I’ve experienced. Not having to be actively participating while my body was active allowed me to be particularly observant to the sensations in my body. Unlike massages that I sleep or groan through, this felt like a slow, kind, and methodical check-in with myself. It was amazing to be keenly present and embodied while i relaxed and surrendered. I came out of it feeling both rested and like I’ve just had a great workout.

~ Karen Chan, Public Health Worker on her Thai Massage experience

More testimonials can be perused here: Harmony Hands Testimonials

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