Xenia Splawinski


A gifted and highly skilled yoga teacher, healer, founder of Sananda Yoga and co-founder of Art of Life, Xenia Splawinski embodies the spirit and energy of a life committed to wholeness and enlightenment. Since 1980, Xenia has devoted her life to the study, training, teaching and living of the timeless wisdoms of creation from ancient times to their new expressions in our modern psyche. She counts many of the great masters, both in India and North America as her mentors and guides.

A certified yoga instructor since 1991 she is proficient in several styles of yoga; enlightening Sananda Yoga, dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, deep healing Yoga Nidra, and Ayurvedic Yoga, an individual practice which helps re-align lifestyle to one of personal harmony. She integrates her extensive knowledge of meditation, pranyama and chakra awareness into her teaching and healing and her certification as an Ayurvedic self-care practitioner contributes to her well-rounded, holistic style. Xenia is also a practitioner of Art of Life, a new form of intuitive healing that creates the pathway for liberation from our Core Patterning belief systems. She is honoured to be a forerunner in the Canadian scene in her chosen styles of expertise.

Xenia’s playful, light-hearted spirit infuses the energy of her classes and healings, allowing her students to experience the joy of their self discoveries. She quotes her favourite sanskrit word as the embodiment of her beliefs, “Bhuktimuktikarnika” – liberation and enlightenment through experience.

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