Sonja DenElzen


Sonja DenElzen’s teachings work with meeting you where you are at, encouraging you to a place of vitality and mobility. She brings a compassionate and gentle presence to each class and enjoys sharing the beauty and wisdom of yoga with others.

Sonja believes yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice used to bring one to an elevated awareness or consciousness. Offerings include classes in Yin yoga and Ashtanga-based vinyasa flow and hosting retreats. Focus on breath and presence in the moment as well as alignment are important components of each session.  In the yin classes she will interweave teachings of energetic systems of meridians and chakras and how to work with these transforming energies in everyday life.

Sonja has been a student of Downward Dog Yoga Centre, having completed their 200hr Teacher training, Advanced Training and Art of Mysore and Art of Vinyasa Programs. She has completed a 50hr Yin Yoga training with Tracey Soghrati and has also enjoyed participating in workshops with Sarah Powers for Yin Yoga, Sudhir Tiwari for Pranayama, Nancy Gilgoff, Simon Park and Annie Carpenter. You can find out more at

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