Nada Ashkar, R. Ac.

Me @ SWC croppedNada Ashkar, B. Hum, Registered Acupuncturist, member of CTCMPAO.
Nada is an engaging, caring practitioner and teacher, offering a unique integration of traditional Chinese medicine with meditation, nutrition, internal arts instruction and lifestyle counseling. A thorough, heart-centered and creative healing experience, to work with her is to change your life.
Nada is the former manager of Spiritwind Centre, senior student of Sifu Dylan Kirk, and an instructor of internal martial arts and meditation. She has training in traditional Chinese medicine, various forms of meditation, acupuncture, and several styles of martial arts.
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For more information, please visit
To book an appointment with Nada, she can be reached at: 416-880-8059.

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