Mina Arakawa

Version 3Mina has been keenly interested in anatomy and mechanics of the body. Her fascination began when she studied artistic anatomy for figure drawing in the anatomy lab at U of T Medical Science building. Subsequently, she studied yoga with John Veiga and Michael Stone, who applied their knowledge of biomechanics to teach injury-proof practice, even before the discussion on yoga injury became widespread. After having practiced vigorous form of yoga for over 10 years, she started to notice that bending and twisting deep no longer felt right on her body, and embarked on a search for something different. 

The therapeutic yoga training with Susi Hately in 2015 dramatically shifted her approach towards a much gentler direction that acknowledges and works with habits and limitations inherent in every body, including hers and her students.’ She is amazed to experience how small and gentle movements, or even easy breathing alone, can release tension. She is excited about the potential of the body to heal itself through stillness and awareness, no matter what state it is in. She has also studied meditation, buddhist texts and yoga philosophy for several years at the Gravity Sangha (formerly Centre of Gravity).
For information, contact: mina@willowmovement.org