Jai Gopal (Shân Gordon)

unnamedJai Gopal (Shan Gordon)  began her Kundalini training in 1993 and became certified to teach in 2007. As a dedicated teacher who continues to study, she also uses techniques from her additional trainings such as Mind and Meditation, Stress and Vitality and Beyond Addiction. Her classes encourage students to explore limits with respect and sensitivity while developing awareness and going inward. She is passionate in sharing this knowledge of Kundalini kriyas and mantra to help others live freely and happily, to use their gifts, continue to grow and truly be the change they wish to see in the world. When she is not teaching or practising yoga, Shân can be found bicycling around the city, nibbling something deliciously vegan, running the Toronto Vegetarian Association book club, or snuggling up with her adorable kitties and partner.
Reach Jai Gopal (Shân) at yoga@ca.inter.net.

2 Replies to “Jai Gopal (Shân Gordon)”

  1. Hello, I wanted to know a bit more about the 10am Kundalini yoga class at the Spiritwind center in Kengsington.

    How much is the class? Also is there a physical component? I’ve taken other forms of yoga, but not Kundalini.

    Your help is much appreciated!

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