Demetria Jackson (Navtej Kaur)


Demetria Jackson (Navtej Kaur)
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Demetria is a feminist metaphysicist, breakthrough coach, and spiritual activist who has been on a deep spiritual journey of self-love and acceptance since 2009. Through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and her own personal experiences as a black yoga practitioner in an abundant body, she has found her passion (and purpose) in facilitating sacred experiences for people in larger bodies and marginalized communities. In Demetria’s classes, you can expect to go on a sacred journey of your soul, releasing any fears buried deep in your subconscious, and busting through any blocks to experiencing the love, happiness, and ultimate truth of who you are as an expression of the divine. You’ll experience an intentional, sacred, and judgement free practice of individual and communal self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance, all while moving and breathing to music that raises your consciousness and the vibration of the planet.
Reach Demetria at and Demetria Jackson Yoga on Facebook.


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