Debbie Wilson

Debbie-121-1Debbie Wilson, a dance and social activist walked into her first yoga studio and discovered a missing part of her life – peace of mind.

Her passion for discovery has and continues to draw her to accomplished practitioners in dance, theatre, art, design, yoga and music to inform her self growth, social consciousness and the selfless sharing of knowledge

And if asked today what she is working on, Wilson would say that she is looking for the perfect melding of technical proficiency (which drove her passion for dance), intention (which is the starting point for all performers) and social commitment (which guides her life).

Debbie is a gatherer of knowledge and is grateful to the yoga community for their generosity in exchanging ideas and theories of physical diversity, mental health and spiritual growth. Yoga is a continuation of Debbie’s lifelong exploration of the human body and spirit.

Through the exploration of physical challenge, the support of breath and invitation to stillness, Debbie hopes to help her students find the peace that she has found in yoga

At Spiritwind, Debbie will be offering a 1 ½ hour Hatha Yoga class.

Time: Saturday 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Cost:  10 classes $100  |  5 classes $55  |  single class $12


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