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Yoga from the Heart

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Anne Parsonage

We are pleased to introduce Anne Parsonage. After 3 years of living and studying in India in the early 90’s, she completed her yoga teacher training in Austria in 1993 under the guidance of the graceful working holy soul of German spiritual teacher Heinz Grill. Since then, she has been traveling back and forth between Toronto and India, living, studying, and teaching Yoga From The Heart Canada in both places (including 3 different ashrams in India over the years). This active Spirit-based yoga combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the practical down-to-earth approach of the West. It is a devotional expression of inner awareness.

Although the classes are active and challenging, nevertheless, the essence of this yoga is gentleness and ease of movement, with none of the competitiveness which can often turn yoga into merely a physical exercise. It develops a new sensitivity and brings an inner peace which helps one to cope with the hectic lifestyle most of us find ourselves living.  For more information on this artistic and sensitive approach to yoga, please visit the yoga description page of the Yoga from the Heart Canada website.

Yoga from the Heart Canada

Ongoing classes

Practical Information
Who: All adults are welcome (male & female, young & old, beginner & advanced).

What: Class content will include instruction in asanas (physical postures), simple breathing exercises, exercises of the consciousness, deep relaxation, mantra chanting, selected readings, and advice on home practice.

When: (Beginning in January 2014) Monday evenings (7:30-9pm), Wednesday early evenings (6- 7:30 pm), and Friday mornings (10:30am – noon)  (with a short break between each term).

Where: Spiritwind Centre, 64 Oxford St. at Augusta ave. (north west corner, 2nd floor), Kensington Market, Toronto

Fee: $10 per class if you purchase a block of classes (reduced fee or PWYC possible for low income cases)
Drop in: $14 (reduced fee or PWYC possible for low income cases)

Free class: Free trial basis possible for first class.

More info: For more information on the course content, or to try out a free class, or to purchase a block of classes, contact the teacher Anne Parsonage, or check out the website.

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