Alice Toyonaga

AliceMy name is Alice and I’m a fitness and nutrition motivator and enthusiast. I have spent the last decade encouraging others (and myself) to improve their physical and mental health, to seek genuine happiness, and to develop appreciation and gratitude for a fit and strong body.

My own fitness journey began in 2004. I was 220 lbs, a smoker and someone who didn’t exercise. Since my turning point, I have lost 85 lbs., ran over 45 races including 8 marathons, completed over 800 hours of yoga teacher trainings, and recently completed my first Olympic distance triathlon. And my goals keep growing – I’m working towards Boston Qualifying and a 70.3 km half Ironman in 2014.

Running and yoga have brought me breath, strength, balance, peace, freedom and confidence. Now, I’m sharing my passion for yoga and running, and my journey into the triathlon world, to help inspire others to believe in the impossible and achieve their biggest goals and dreams. Through ChatterRunGirl, my biggest goal is to make yoga accessible for runners and endurance athletes by bridging the gap between the road and the mat to keep runners in their runners for years to come.

My classes focus on alignment and highlight the benefits of postures for the practitioner in relation to their sport. I focus on building a balance between mobility and stability in the runner’s body while drawing attention to linking movement with breath and on slowing down the mind, building mental focus and mindfulness.


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