Alessandra Da Rocha

DSC_6426Alessandra is a Life Coach, motivational speaker and author originally from Venezuela. She came to Canada in 2010 to follow her dreams which she didn’t know until a few years after arriving in Canada. This experience of not knowing her dreams allowed her to write her first book Se el dueño de tus sueños (Be the leader of your dreams) in which she teaches the techniques on how to know yourself in order to know your true dreams. In 2012 she graduated from Centennial College in the area of Hospital Management – Hotels and Resorts. In 2013 she obtained her certificate of Reiki.

She is currently a motivational speaker and a life coach helping people to live their lives in freedom, a life with no attachments. Guiding them to express the only light that each one carry within.

She has a blog called Un espacio para el alma (A space for the soul) where she shares motivational articles. You can also read her articles in the newspaper Correo Canadiense.