Gabriela Wilkon

Gabriela Wilkon, Hons. BA Kinesiology and Health Science, RYT

Gabriela has been true to her heart down the bumpy road of love and life. Following the quiet voice within and staying close to nature she has gotten hints of where to pick up the next stone. Mixing motherhood, a gem/bookstore and now her labours of love, Gabriela wishes to share what feeds her along the way.

Yoga for Kids starts children off with a sense of confidence and awareness of the body’s many talents. Playful and inspiring, mama tricks come out and mesh with a lifetime love and practice of soothing yoga.

Holographic Kinetics, a private practice, clears trauma and shows the origin of patterns or habits that are preventing one from moving forward. An ancient aboriginal healing modality comes alive today to clear modern disturbances; drugs, curses, entities that may have come from rituals, attunements, channelings. Contact for a session or training information.

We as Mind, Body, Spirit are all we ever need. Let us take back our power and choose wisely into the future to bring health, happiness, hope,
humour and harmony.

Yoga for Kids

Mondays 11am – 12pm

Sliding Scale $10-$15


Fun, playful class full of games, stretches, songs, relaxation and creative arts. Specially catered for the young to receive all the benefits of yoga; calming, centering, building confidence, body awareness and strength. Certified yoga instructor with child specialization brings care and a good time for children ages 5-10.

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