Spiritwind Centre has moved into the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine at 283 Spadina Ave, 3rd Floor. We continue to offer the same excellent services at our larger and improved facility. Please visit the community classes page here:

Beginners Taijiquan

This introductory Taijiquan (also known as Tai Chi Chuan) class builds a solid foundation in principles such as proper postural alignment, coordination of breath and movement, awareness of one’s centre, and the dantian. The class focuses on the 24 posture Yang-style taiji form and explores self-defense and combat applications of the postures through partner work.


This class requires some previous Taijiquan experience and builds on the principles covered in the Beginners Taijiquan class.  The intent of the class is to deepen and refine one’s practice, and to develop sensitivity, effortlessness, flow, and ease. Classes introduce a variety of Taijiquan forms, applications, and Push Hands exercises (Tui Shou).


Qigong ( or Chi Kung)  is the ancient Chinese art and science of using posture, exercise, breathing, and concentration to gather and promote the strong flow of qi, the life force of the human body. Over time, this practice of refinement supports healing of the body and the mind.  These exercises can be practiced both standing and sitting and are suitable for anyone.


Gongfu, also called Kung Fu, is an ancient fitness and conditioning program through which students hone discipline, understanding, and refinement. Gongfu classes are vigorous and physically demanding, building strength and stamina. Classes include drills, forms practice and application work with a partner.


Baguazhang (also known as Pa Kua Chang) is sometimes called the Eight Trigrams Boxing or Dragon Dancing.  The practitioner walks smoothly in a tight circle and ducks, turns, weaves and changes direction at high speed. With mastery, Baguazhang transcends enslavement to form and becomes a free-flowing movement, freeing the practitioner to act and react naturally while fighting.

Daoist Yoga

Dao In Lung Shen is a  system evolved about 1650 A.D. through the meeting of Chinese qigong masters and kundalini masters from India. As with all forms of yoga, the rewards are many, including increased flexibility, strength, grace, endurance, as well as heightened physical well-being.  It has been practiced by Daoist mystics to heal illness, process stress, and slow the aging process and is suitable to all students.

Kundalini Yoga

This Saturday class is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Using a dynamic blend of postures, music, mantra, breathing techniques and meditation, the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation calms your mind, relaxes your body, strengthens your nervous system and stimulates your endocrine system.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga combines asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) to strengthen the body and purify the spirit.

Yoga From the Heart Canada

This active, inspirational Spirit-based style of yoga combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the practical down-to-earth approach of the West. It is a devotional expression of inner awareness. Class content includes instruction in asanas (physical postures), simple breathing exercises, exercises of the consciousness, deep relaxation, mantra chanting, selected readings, and advice on home practice. Reduced fees or PWYC is possible for low income cases. A free trial is possible for your first class. Contact the instructor Anne Parsonage for more info.

Hatha and Yin Yoga

Through Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Acupressure, Mindful Meditation, the Chakra system, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian system and Five Elements, we will discover tools to experience more physical and emotional awareness and freedom and connect with our intuition, and ability to self heal. This combination of yoga styles invites us to discover and honour the intuitive wisdom held within our body while learning from the seasonal and creative cycle.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful Yoga is a gentle Hatha style yoga class, with an emphasis on mindfulness. Gaining more attention in the last decade, the practice of mindfulness involves cultivating present-moment awareness with an attitude of non-judgment, acceptance, and curiosity. The practice of mindfulness has been shown to improve well-being in numerous ways: through reducing stress; improving immune and brain function; decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety; improving interpersonal relationships; increasing self-esteem; aiding with chronic pain; and improving mood and emotion regulation. During a Mindful Yoga class we will be practicing mindfulness while moving through gently paced active yoga sequences, breathing exercises, and short guided meditations. This class is suitable for students of all levels.

Tantra Toronto

Weekly workshop-oriented evenings with topics and themes from all realms of spiritual, personal, sensual and sexual living. Each Tuesday will have plenty of educational, informational, and most importantly, experiential play and practice that is guided by the theme or topic of the evening. These classes were previously known as Sacred Sexuality Tuesdays and were offered through Follow Your Bliss meetup but have transformed as our community has grown. As of July 2013, they are not sacred sexuality specific, but will sure get your life to be orgasmic! Our commitment to you and the community, is to bring extraordinary experts and leaders who live powerfully and joyfully to deepen our teachings and understanding of the given topic or theme for the evening.  We’ll be writing each week’s theme on the event wall, so stay tuned! When: Every week, 7:15-9:00pm (please arrive at 7:15, we start promptly at 7:30) *Please be mindful of the yoga class finishing at 7:30pm, keeping voices to a whisper*

Capoeira – Filhos de Bimba Toronto

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that blends martial arts, music, philosophy and the importance of community.  Filhos de Bimba Escola de Capoeira originates in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil with Mestre Nenel, son of Mestre Bimba, the creator of Capoeira Regional. Rhythm, technical precision, dialogue and joy are the focus of Regional.  This class is open to all levels, come play with us!

“I embrace my freedom” Meditation

Freedom is the purest form of love and also the only way to express ourselves fully.
In this meditation we will embrace our freedom by focusing in our own power to detach from what is stopping us to be free and open up space for the true expression of our soul.
Every Sunday we will focus our intention in a different type of “blockage” that could be stopping us from being free.

Supple and Balanced

In this calming class, we explore breathing and gentle small movements that help unwind tension and feel more stable and supple in the body. Each participant is encouraged to move in a range that is comfortable for her/his body. Bendiness and twistability are not required. Participants of all genders, ages, all levels of flexibility and strength are welcome. The class will benefit you if: you want to slow down and relax; you have tightness, discomfort or pain in your body and want to do something about it; or you want to improve performance in the activities you love.

Strengthen and Lengthen

A dynamic mix of yoga and mindful strengthening movement lead by personal trainer Brittney Adams and a weekly guest yoga instructor.

Ground Down

Inspired by the natural elements, this class peacefully weaves together mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and asana. Ground Down classes are a place to relax, breathe, flow and connect to oneself, one another, and the Earth.

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  1. Greetings would like to learn and study Tai Chi and Taoist Yoga to help on my Spiritual Journey Within the Self. Also would lime to imprpve physical health and disciplining the mind and calming the emotions. Pleaseet me mnkw class schedule and cost. This site only have information aboutvthe different classes. Thank you.

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