Valentine’s Day evening workshop

equilibre masculin fÈminin

A Valentine’s Day event especially designed to deepen the connection between two lovers by exploring ancient and contemporary practices found in the most intimate and loving Yogic traditions:

Tantra – an ancient Hindu tradition of spiritual practices that seek to unify the Divine Feminine and Masculine essence through spiritual practices and potentially open the door to enlightenment within lovers.

Thai Yoga Massage – an ancient healing system combining acupressure and assisted yoga postures providing overall benefits and relaxation.

Partner Yoga – yoga practiced with a partner and focused on integrating yoga poses through physical contact. Partner yoga develops sensitivities to touch and body language.

Acro Yoga – the fusion of acrobatics and Yoga poses performed by two partners: a base and a flyer. Acro Yoga is a fun way to test couples’ communication skills and develop trust.

Come and join us on this intimate journey that will open a whole new world of connective possibilities between you and your lover – between your Divine Masculine & Feminine.

Note: this event is open to all kinds lovers, of all orientations!

8.30PM Welcoming with cacao shots to open our hearts!
8.40pm Connecting lovers through Tantra
8.50pm Warm up with Partner yoga
9.00pm Acro Yoga!
9.25pm Loving Thai massage session
9.50pm Closing Tantric meditation to integrate the exchange

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