Find Your Bliss in 2015

Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner, Maria Pallas, will be offering a workshop in support of The Red Door Family Shelter on February 28th at Spiritwind Centre. Read on for registration details and some of Maria’s thoughts on how she became inspired with this idea:

Feb 28 Eventv2

Announcing “Find Your Bliss in 2015” workshops in support of the Red Door Family Shelter. Please click here to find out more about the shelter and the services they provide for families and individuals who need safe and supportive emergency shelter.

When we ask the question, “how may I serve?” be prepared to be poked in the nose with a truly inspiring idea.

This is how the idea came to me to host these workshops. I decided that this year I would host a series of workshops that would bring coaching and healing to many while at the same time, giving something back to the community.  The series is called Find Your Bliss in 2015 and I will be hosting my first FREE pilot session on February 28th.  And, as February is the month when we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, it’s only fitting that this session be the first of The Love Bliss Series, a series designed to bring healing and harmony to all your relationships. There will be no cost for attending this session.  I only ask that you make a donation, big or small to the Red Door Family Shelter to support the 1,000’s of families in need in our communities.

Please RSVP by email to  More information to follow in the coming weeks!

Event:                  Find Your Bliss in 2015
Date:                   Saturday, February 28, 2015
Time:                   3:00pm to 4:30pm
Workshop:         The Love Bliss Series I
Location:            Spiritwind Centre*
Address:             64 Oxford Street, 2nd Floor

*Located above Urban Herbivore, south of College Street and west of Augusta Avenue. Public Parking is available on the street or at near by public lot. Click here for map.




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